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Atomwise Pitch Deck used to Raise $123 Million in Series B Funding



Atomwise Background

Atomwise claims its AtomNet platform can screen 16 billion chemical compounds for potential hits in under two days, expediting a process that would normally take months or years.

AtomNet’s AI algorithms screen for things like potency and the degree to which a drug acts on a given site while guarding against toxicity, and they work on targets in hard-to-reach parts of the body — like the central nervous system — with a hit rate the company claims is 10,000 times better than wet-lab experiments.

About the Atomwise Pitch Deck
  • Raised: $123M
  • Year: 2020
  • Stage: Series B
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Tags: NA
  • Business Model: NA
  • Customer Model: B2B

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