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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

MEDU - Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Why write for MEDU?

We at Merrill Education (MEDU), are a high Domain Authority (53) and Page Authority (36) site. In simpler terms - our readers like and trust what we write.

We are passionate to learn about and from the journeys that startups take. This helps our readers learn from what others have done and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Guidelines to write for MEDU:

As of 2022, we're shifted from unsolicited submissions (spam, plagiarism) to only accepting write ups that meet the following guidelines:
  • Purpose: The focus of the article should be to inform or inspire the audience. Self-Promotion is not the intent, though a backlink to the author profile will be shared.
  • Audience: All posts should be tailored towards entrepreneurship enthusiasts. This could be someone who simply wants to learn about entrepreneurship or wants to get inspired by others in the field.
  • Categories [Keywords]: Guest posts should fall into any of the following categories: Startup Funding from Pre-Seed all the way to Late Stage. Any new regulations that may be impact startups. Pitch decks that are already published on the site. Any breaking news about brand new business opportunities (e.g: Quantum Technologies) - sources must be quoted.
    • Keywords: Primary categories are listed on the MEDU landing page here - at least one must be used 
    • Secondary: Industry (AI, Automotive...etc), Business Model (B2B, D2C, B2C...etc) - at least two provided
  • Formatting: Articles should be unique, grammatically correct and have one images (royalty free) aligned with content. Authors should use Wikimedia commons, for such images (not affiliated to MEDU). A report from plagiarism checker and grammar checker (free - not affiliated to MEDU) must be submitted, confirming no issues with the article. Below is an example of a submission that will be accepted.

  • Length & Content: Articles should fall between 700 - 1,500 words in length, be informative, actionable (if so written), provide references, fact based and appropriate images (with sources) as applicable. Existing content should serve as samples.
  • Author: The author of the post should possess the traits of the target audience - Learn, Share and Growth mindset. A link to the author profile will be shared (preferably LinkedIn)

How to submit an article to MEDU?

  • To submit, please email to with 
    • Subject: MEDU - [Article Name] [Date: MM DD YYYY]
    • Body: Plagiarism & grammar checker screenshot with No plagiarism, Title of Article with proper headings and content
    • Author: Name and LinkedIn Profile link or Sitelink.
    • Keywords: 3 must be aligned with Categories mentioned above.(Review existing posts for keywords)
  • If the article does not have the requirements outlined above, it will be auto-rejected.
  • Approved authors are notified [with in 5 business day, depending on Volume] of publication date and queue. 
  • No responses are sent for rejected articles.
  • No revisions are expected to the published articles.

Before submitting, please note:

  • Only articles that align with MEDU Purpose and Audience will be published.
  • 1 DoFollow backlink to the author profile and/or site will be provided.
  • The author, should reciprocate with a backlink on their appropriate channels. This builds further trust with our readers and provides greater visibility to the authors work.
  • Revisions, post publications will not be possible.
  • Depending on the number of articles in queue, it may take as many as 5 business days to review the article. Once an article is placed in queue, the author will be notified.
  • Spot checks will be done using Copyscape (not affiliated to MEDU) and any violations identified for plagiarism will lead to removing the article and the author will be banned from further submissions.

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