Amazon: Try Before you Buy Deals comes out of Stealth with $10 Million to Address Tech Recruitment


source: comes out of Stealth with $10 Million to Address Tech Recruitment founded in 2019, is a recruitment startup signed up more than 5,500 in-house recruiters to its recommendation-focused community over the past 2.5 years of development, as well as claiming more than 19,000 candidates.

“While talent-sharing behavior is not new and in-house recruiters have been introducing talent they liked but didn’t hire to colleagues or friends in the industry for many years, it’s been informal, unstructured and has happened in low-trust environments, limiting its effectiveness and causing compliance and privacy issues,” argues the startup. “At Circular, we use technology to make this happen at scale by creating trust, reducing friction and offering the right incentives. It’s a new recruitment model built on top of existing recommendation based behavior.”

With this focus, has revealed $10 million in combined seed and pre-Series A funding. Investors backing the Spanish startup include LocalGlobe, Point Nine and Kibo Ventures.'s business model is to charge companies through a flat annual or monthly fee. Circular’s claim is that it’s creating “a new category”, or “literally changing the way hiring works”.

“Instead of a hard-stop for the great talent that in-house recruiters were unable to hire, we enable them to easily recommend that talent. Other in-house recruiters, who are hiring, get access to a trusted flow of high quality candidates. And candidates benefit from getting straight to the best companies’ shortlists,” it suggests.

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