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GrowthSpace Secures $25 Million in Series B Funding For its Upskilling Platform

GrowthSpace Secures $25 Million in Series B Funding For its Upskilling Platform

As the jobs market remains tight, companies are laser-focused on retaining staff and investing in upskilling in new skills. Walmart for example, in 2021, announced nearly $1 billion investment over a 5 year horizon, to provide its employees with access to higher education and training. This has led to skilling platforms benefiting enormously from such investments. 

Founded in 2018 by Dan Terner, Izhak Kedar and Glass, Growthspace, is one of the skilling platforms, which leverages algorithms to match individual employees and groups of employees with experts for development sprints. The GrowthSpace platform can be implemented modularly for larger corporations or set up as a comprehensive solution, allowing executives to allocate resources between different types of programs. 

The company recently raised $25 million in Series B financing, bringing GrowthSpace’s total raised to $44 million. The startup plans to expand its 70-person, New York City-based team, with the goal of reaching 100 employees by the end of the year. 

GrowthSpace competes with platforms like GOMYCODE, and Scaler, the last of which topped a $700 million valuation. But Glass claims that GrowthSpace has seen substantial growth over the past year, now reaching 3,000 active users across 200 paying customers, including a U.S. government agency, Microsoft, Siemens, EY and Johnson & Johnson. In fact, Glass says that he wasn’t actively looking to raise capital.

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