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Teledoc Health Pitch Deck Used to Land 40 Million Subscribers

Teledoc Health Pitch Deck Used to Land 40 Million Subscribers

Company Background:

Teladoc Health, which bills itself as the first and biggest telemedicine provider in the nation, was established in 2002. Since then, it has purchased firms including BetterHelp in 2015, Best Doctors in 2017, Advance Medical in 2018, and Livongo in 2020. In the US, Branded holds a 13% market share. Teladoc operated in 130 nations in 2021, providing services to around 40 million subscribers. The New York Stock Exchange is the place where Teladoc's stock is traded.

Primany360, a primary-care product, is what the business is depending on to stave off heightened competition. Through Primary360, patients are matched with a care team and their health is tracked over time. It acts as a focal point that enables the team to direct patients to other channels as necessary, including Teladoc services and in-network providers.

This B2B sales PowerPoint from Teladoc introduces the Primary360 product. Using these presentations, Teladoc acquired more than 50 healthcare plans as clients.

Business Model & Funding Summary:

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Business model: SaaS, B2B
  • Year: 2022
  • Amount raised: NA
  • Stage: Public

Pitch Deck Used:

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