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Chartmetric Pitch Deck used to Raise $2 Million in Seed Funding


Chartmetric Background:

Chartmetric provides robust data, powerful visualizations, in-depth insights, unique tools, and rockstar customer service to help the music industry make smarter and faster choices. The platform compiles data on music consumption (including data from streaming and social media) in an easily consumable format for its 2,000+ customers, which include big record labels, live music promoters, independent musicians, and others.

Chartmetric raised $2 million in seed funding for their music data and analytics platform.

The company is seeking to build the first independent music analytics platform for artists — whereas most of their competitors are tied to music platforms (for instance, Spotify has its own in-depth metrics and analysis, while music analytics firm Next Big Sound was acquired by Pandora).

About the Chartmetric Pitch Deck

  • Raised: $2M
  • Year: 2021
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investors: VC
  • Industry: Music
  • Tags: SaaS
  • Business Model: SaaS
  • Customer Model: B2B

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