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Zeta Surgical Announces $5.2 Million Seed Funding For Image Guided Surgery



Zeta Surgical Announces $5.2 Million Seed Funding For Image Guided Surgery

Zeta Surgical is founded in 2017, by Harvard graduates Jose Maria Amich and Raahil Sha; serving as CEO and CTO, respectively. The team’s mission is to deliver precise surgical imaging guidance for non-invasive surgeries, performed outside the operating room. Zeta believes its technology can help democratize such procedures by offering more precision and lowering the barrier of entry.

The announcement of the $5.2 million seed round, follows a $250,000 pre-seed featuring Y Combinator and Plug and Play Ventures.

“There is this giant disconnect between the precision we have on one hand, and the complete lack of technology and precision we have for the other group of surgeries,” says Gormley, who is the Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and the company’s chief medical officer. 

“The reason for that is that lots of these are emergent, and the technology has just not been developed to take care of that group of patients. What [Amich and Sha] have brought is technology, which we can apply very quickly and with very little of a surgical team on a patient that’s awakened and actually moving around. It’s hard to overstate how different that is from what we’re doing. It completely changes everything for that group of patients.”, Gormley added.

Zeta system constitutes mixed reality overlay and an optional robotic system that utilizes an off-the-shelf Doosan robotic arm combined with proprietary tools. The startup has completed pre-clinical studies in Boston and Singapore is planning to file for approval of its systems with the FDA. 

“This current round is focused on two core deliverables: completing our initial set of clinical trials for the device,” explains Amich. “And the other is to take the device through FDA clearance and launch with our initial set of clinical partners, after the approval comes in. A huge part of this is completing the full development of the system, which will involve expanding our team and hiring new engineers.”

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