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Backbone Pitch Deck to Raise $40 Million To Convert an iPhone into a Gaming Console



Backbone Raises $40 Million To Convert an iPhone into a Gaming Console

Backbone Background

Backbone is the brainchild of a entrepreneur Maneet Khaira, who when working at Google as an intern came up with this idea for a device that could turn an iPhone into a portable gaming consoles, like an X-Box.

Backbone One iOS controller wraps around the iPhone in a high-quality gamepad shell that’s satisfying to play, well-constructed, and accompanied by a genuinely useful app. 

The iPhone’s Lightning port automatically connects to Backbone One. the companion app has a lot of useful features, such as capture, edit and upload gaming content as well as supports voice chat with friends that works across any app.

Backbone's $40 million in Series A investment was led by Index Ventures, with celebrity investors including Kevin Hart, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Amy Schumer, and music producer Christopher Comstock, aka ""Marshmello,"" who previously invested in Backbone's earlier round.

About Yuga Labs Pitch Deck

  • Industry: Gaming
  • Business model: Hardware
  • Year: 2022
  • Amount raised: $40 Million

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