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Crowdz Pitch Deck used to Raise $3 Million in Funding



Crowdz Background

Crowdz provides invoice-financing opportunities to companies in global supply chains—a $9 trillion market that SMEs traditionally have been excluded from. The need for such financing is greater than ever before. Some 93% of all supply-chain participants are SMEs, and half of these suffer cashflow shortages as they wait for 90 to 120 days or more to 

be paid. 

Crowdz’s global invoice auction solves this problem by directing competitive, low-cost financing to SMEs while offering high returns to funders seeking better investments.

Crowdz has raised a total of $15.8M in funding over 6 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Nov 1, 2021 from a Convertible Note round.

Details of the startup:

  • Industry:

    FinTech, Blockchain, Analytics, Payments

  • Business model:

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Year:


  • Amount raised:


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