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Orkes Comes out of Stealth with $9.3 Million Early Stage Funding



Orkes Comes out of Stealth with $9.3 Million Early Stage Funding

Orkes Background

Orkes (pronounced “or-kes”, a shorted form of “orchestration”) was co-founded by CEO Jeu George, co-CTOs Viren Baraiya and Boney Sekh, and CPO Dilip Lukose. The first three worked together to build Conductor at Netflix, but then went their separate ways. In 2021, the three reunited and were joined by Lukose (an alum of Microsoft Azure, where he’d worked with George), to start Orkes.

What is Orkes Doing?

Netflix changed the microservices game, when it developed and the outsourced a tool called Conductor. Conductor was built to handle its extensive, multi-channel on-demand video traffic globally, and later adopted by companies like Tesla, American Express...others. The team behind Conductor is now launching Orkes, a cloud-hosted version of the tool based on Conductor; and along with this, they’re announcing $9.3 million in funding to fuel the mission, as well as to support the continued growth of the open source Conductor community

“We built Conductor as a general purpose engine and we could see many companies starting to use it. The space is now at an inflection point and organizations are moving to a microservices architecture,” George said in an interview. “But the wider idea now is to help operationalize that, and help with the management of the scale on top of this.” Since organizations often work in hybrid cloud environments, and across multiple coding languages, the idea with Orkes is to provide a set of tools to help manage that “out of the box,” he added.

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