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[Guest Post] - TikTok and Zillow Become One In This New App for Home Buyers


TikTok and Zillow Combined In-One-App Wants to Help New Home Buyers Buy Homes

Guest Author: Sana Ahmad (Click here for Real Estate Listings)

I recently wrote a guest post about a platform that allows homeowners to "exchange" their real estate for shares. Today, I'll share about a new app that I have come across, which is geared towards the TikTok generation of home buyers.

People in general like to watch house related shows, be it flipping, upgrades, makeovers, or what have you. This is quite evident with popularity of channels like HGTV and a myriad of shows that have become fan favorites. The drama is too good not to get hooked. Playing on this premise, I came across a new app (no affiliation or sponsorship here, sadly), that is merging the experience of TikTok and scouring the web for deals on homes that are available. It's my job to do this for my clients, but for others its a great pass-time.

Playhouse is bringing the TikTok style video and entertainment element to researching homes. If you're a TikTok user (or even YouTube shorts), the app when opened, looks very similar. A vertically oriented video showing the videos of homes on the market and the price of the house. The entertainment part is that as you scroll, you can guess weather the price shown by Playhouse is the actual price of the house. Users can also view a map with listing and if interested, watch the video. There is also a built in function to contact the listing agent via text message. All this fun for Free.

Free sounds too good to be true. Think of this as lead generation tool, so when a lead successfully closes, Playhouse gets a commission. May be it's early days, but Playhouse allows agents to list the properties for free and they can also upload other content related to home buying. For now, the videos are curated by Playhouse, but they want more user generated content in the future. Since, this is a beta version, only Bay Area is covered and the application is not available for Android. 

To support their growth and business model, Playhouse has raised $2.8 Million in Seed Funding and is part of Y Combinator's summer 2021 cohort. Let's wait 'n see, if this is another clubhouse in the making, or will users and real estate agents find it beneficial.

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